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Quality is our core value. To meet the demands of today's surfers, we at King Surf Hawai'i put the utmost care in producing the highest-quality surf products available in the world today. No detail goes unchecked - from our custom designed factory, state-of-the-art technology, to our supreme quality control - all conducted by our expert staff with superior personalized service.

It starts in our custom factory. Our custom surfboard factory was designed by US board builders, providing the best environment with a safe comfortable workplace, the best materials and technology, not to mention exceptional compensation. All of this has allowed us to build the most accomplished team around.

We're on the cutting-edge. To stay at the forefront of the surf industry, King Surf Hawai'i places strong emphasis on research and development. We're always pushing the limits with new designs and testing it in the toughest of Hawaii's surf conditions. Only the strongest survive is our motto - it has to pass our tests before it goes into production.

Only the best. In general we use Silmar resin, Hexcel, and JPS cloth in our boards, but we're always looking for improvements.  That means we test the most advanced and newest materials on the market and we use only top quality surf blanks.

King Surf Hawai'i uses the latest 3dm 3-axle shaping machine or we are very proud to offer hand-shaping.

The shape you desire. Not only do we offer many stock shapes such as short boards, fishes, quads, fun boards, and long boards, we can also replicate nearly any shape you want and customize according to your specs. You provide us with a sample and we'll do the rest, ensuring you a perfect copy. We can also adjust the length, width, thickness, outlines and rockers to your specifications.  We also offer all major brands of fins. (All customized shapes are kept in the strictest confidence between King Surf Hawai'i and our clients.)


Our professional staff.

Air Brushers who can paint any design (custom or stock).

Glassers who can add pigments, tints, pin-lines, acid splashes, wood or fabric inlays and standard laminations.

Sanders and polishers who closely follow the shape of the board to provide an extremely flat sand or gloss-polish true finish.

Sales experts with years of experience to provide the best overall service. We'll answer any question you have regarding our products.

King Surf Hawai`i Our reputation means everything to us. To ensure King Surf Hawai'i produces only the highest quality products, each product goes through an intense in-house quality control program.

We look forward to a long lasting partnership with you and your company.


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