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Board Blanks Catalog (PDF)

In Their Own Words:

While we make our foams abroad, our technology and tradition can be traced back to where all modern surfboards began, in Orange County, California. We pour our blanks not like many others, we use a true polyurethane formula where its unique cell structure gives our blanks a consistent texture throughout, therefore a much stronger board even when the blank is drastically shaped down. Our NO SHRINK! technology also guards against blank shrinkage, which haunts many a shaper who finds his diligent work can be ruined over time. We have a wide range of sizes and shapes: Whether it is a 6'4" short board, a 6'10" retro fish, a 7'10" fun, a 10'10" mal or anything in between, we supply a total of 16 custom shapes so versatile that we can proudly claim: there is more than one good board in every one of our shapes.

On top of our regular shapes, our signature series caters to the most discriminating shapers -- when our world-renowned designers make the plugs for us, they know exactly what a most demanding shaper, like themselves, may be looking for. After all, it takes one to know one.

Want to have a choice of weight? No problem! Choose from our PRO BLUE -- the lightest, to CLASSIC GREEN -- the standard, to the most durable -- SUPER RED.

Custom rockers and stringers can be specified with your order, and we also make machine-ready blanks that fit into most CNC shaping machines -- in all parts of the world.

At Exell foam, we know we are not only making blanks, we are here to support an industry full of enthusiasts, and that makes surfing unique.

And we love it!


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