Endless Summer® "Cruiser" Skateboard

Cruiser (Top)Cruiser (Bottom)
Endless Summer® Design Team
Custom Endless Summer® 45th Anniversary Artwork
Gray Sand Friction Surface (Top), Semi-Gloss Finish (Bottom)
Laminated Wood Substrate, Polyurethane Wheels, Performance Bearings

Michael Hynson and Robert August began their jouney with the legendary 1966 film classic, "The Endless Summer," and their obsession with top quality and innovation continues to this day with their new line of active-sports products.

We are very proud of our relationship with the Endless Summer® team, and is it with great delight that we introduce to you their new 29.9" "Cruiser" skateboard.

Now you don't need to get wet to connect with our rich surfing heritage! Whether you're out for a quick ride during a lunch break or putting in some serious board time on a day off, the "Cruiser" will take you anywhere you want to go.

So call us today and order your very own Endless Summer® 45th Anniversary "Cruiser" before we run out!


King Surf Hawai`i

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