Ben Aipa: The Life of a Legend

Ben Aipa

An amazing story from the beginning and still going strong. This is the only way to describe the life of Ben Aipa. Born into a hardworking Hawaiian family on the "Garden Isle" of Kauai, Ben Aipa was the ultimate athlete. A competitive swimmer, much like his idol Duke Kahanamoku, Ben was a natural waterman. But it wasn't until he was 25 years old that he left a football career and decided to go surfing for the first time.

That day was the beginning of a new era throughout the surfing world. Within two years, Ben Aipa was recognized as one of the greatest Hawaiian surfers ever. His career has spanned four decades and is going strong as we enter a new millenium. Inducted into the Surfing Hall of Fame in 1992, he didn't stop there. In 1999, Ben won five of the six contests he entered and placed second in the other.Ben Aipa is truly a living legend.

One of the only original Hawaiian surfers left competing, he has touched the lives of people across the world. He's done that through constant innovation in his surfing, innovation in surf design, and innovations in coaching, which has taken many of today's greatest core surfers to new levels.

The literal translaton of the Aipa family name in Japanese is "Wave Love." Throughout his life, Ben has been inspired by a true love of surf culture and the unique lifestyle that is part of the soul of every surfer. This inspiration is also the soul of the Aipa brand. Starting in 1964, the Aipa trademarks have come to symbolize a genuine Hawaiian original. Whether its a surfboard, a backpack, or a shirt, the Aipa marks create instant credibility. Credibility with the ultimate judge being the consumer.

"I've never built a great surfboard - yet," Ben says. "There's always another move, there's always a better turn, there's always another wave. That's what keeps me going."



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